Cassidy Araiza / Sydney Cherie

Cassidy Araiza / Sydney Cherie


Photographs by Cassidy Araiza / Poetry by Sydney Cherie



she got on all fours
to find a pin in the rug

until she felt a hot saucer nestle in the slope of her back.

she’s been a coffee table ever since.


Did you know dolphins sleep with one eye open?
they have to consciously breathe//we have it so easy

Gucci Mane has sprung from prison. I wish
I had known he’d been in Indiana
all this time-- I could have said hello
All the questions I could have asked// What
is this fascination with yellow? Why does it spread into the street? Why am I the right shade

of paper bag// bloated
from whistles & being smacked at//
a walking packet of sugar in the raw
stubbly legs as coarse as granulates
& dubbed a mocha bitch when I do not smile Do you turn away from your ice cream tattoo on days when you feel fat? What flavor
did you burn to your face
I hope it was lemon sorbet
Aren’t you afraid you look soft? I am.My grandmother has been visiting a pen pal in jail. They wouldn’t let her in
last week. Her leopard pants
were too revealing. She’s okay with that. He’d called too many times anyway,
asking her to bring salad.


Yours pairs a writer or poet with a visual artist and asks them to interpret the others works.

Anastasiya Yatsuk

Anastasiya Yatsuk